Scout Tran-Caffee
interdisciplinary artist
genderqueer performance art, puppetry, music
genderqueer graphic novel
decorative vitrines & enclosures for poison oaks & ivies

Villainette Flickr
Project documentation & art portfolio:

sketchbook & painting portfolio with on-demand prints

Twitter streams:
@Villeinette - performance
@FailingSkyTMI - graphic novel
@Empoisonnant - horticulture
[@MuseumProper - museum proper puppetry]
[@CannedCorpus - Corpus Callosum music & performance ensemble]

Tumblr - Villainette
blog: puppet workshop, graphic novel, music

The portfolio of past work that used to be available at was taken down on 2013.8.5 in favor of a more nimble presentation and to save on storage space. Apologies for any broken links that this may have created.